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Leo Nielson
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I was raised in southern Washington state, but I recently completed 9 years in the USAF. Most of my work are stories, but I post those on a different site - not sure how the format works here. Mostly I brouse this site for inspiration.
I was sitting in a bar with my brother, talking with a trio of slackers.

Then I was part of a special operations team checking out strange goings on at a robotics company.  My CO and a couple others appraoched a room that was under guard, and I think we fought the robots there.  While setting up to breach the door the robots on the floor around me started behaving differently, and I moved to a different position.  That was when another robot came out of the room, and since I didn't have a clear firing line I reached for my cellphone to take pictures - only there was a flash of light, and when I brought my cellphone up it was to find that I'd removed the memory card.

Looking back up at the robot I saw my CO and the others bowing to it.

My team was then ordered by the robot to fall back to our vehicles, and I joined the robots and people leaving the building to find that it was morning outside.  Rather than jump in one of the military vehicles, I turned right and saw that my car was parked a few spaces down, and inside was my brother and the trio of slackers - they'd gotten thrown out of the bar and had been walking home when they spotted my car and decided to wait for me to show up and give them a lift.

After that I was racing away, with my brother in the passenger seat and the slackers in the back seats, trying to find a safe place to call in what had just happened.


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Thanks for the fav on

It's been a long road... by Joran-Belar

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It looks like a bunny version of Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII, so of course I couldn't pass it up.  I can't think how to integrate him (her?) into my own creative writing . . . maybe a partially transfigured fighter - some prince who was cursed into rabbit form and the heroes weren't successful in turning him back into a human.
Slersk Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2015
All of my dolls have their own back stories. Francis is a forest fae who has decided to become a ranger.
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